Tosser Summer Mix Tape: Marii

“My playlist is a mix of my favorite artists and my favorite songs. From chill beats to an elecro-pop mix, this playlist perfect for the summer. It’s some of what I listen to on my way to work, and makes my day start off on a bright note. The lyrical genius of lesser-known artists Timeflies and Kinetics & One Love will never cease to amaze me, and I could listen to their songs over and over again and still be impressed.”


Damsel in Distress…ed Denim


Photo by Sarah J Black

Taylor looks like the definition of a badass in her shades, combat boots, destroyed denim and a comfortable embellished top.

Get the Look

Tosser Summer Mix Tape: Karen


“My playlist is just an eclectic mix of artists and genres which pretty much describes my music taste. Some of the songs are very different from one another. I like various kinds of pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, but I’m most partial to indie music, like the Arctic Monkeys. They’re my favorite band of all time. I usually listen to this playlist when I’m just relaxing in my room, or even getting work done. I would describe this playlist’s vibe as chill with a hint of melancholy since some of the songs in it are pretty emotional and/or romantic.” -Karen

Into the Distance



Photo by Sarah J Black

Alice mixes and matches bold colors in her casual and chic ensemble. She is wearing a shirt and shorts from Forever 21, a jacket from Daily Look and shoes by Converse.