Beauty Review – NYX Rio et Paris


We’re not makeup artists over here, we save that for the professionals but we absolutely love NYX Cosmetics‘ Spring 2013 line and we’re so excited to receive it. Color is major this spring. We know, you probably hear that every year but there is something different about spring 2013. Instead of pastels and hushed color tones we’re going for bright and bold! It’s always a little tough finding a good cosmetics line with a great color palette, long lasting capability, and doesn’t make us feel like we’ve adding a pound of makeup over our pores. But, seriously, we think we found it! We’ll be rolling out a bunch of NYX reviews over on and in our upcoming summer issue because NYX really does the job.

We decided to take a break from staring at our computer screens and play with Love in Rio and Love in Paris for a fun pink and blue mix.

7CA779F0-ADA2-4561-8CE7-B0F73B70C27C (1) B8122CF1-A136-49F3-9F24-D0F63CA7C5DF BE9F78BE-1962-4F26-8C89-719B5121BA0892411852-76D0-4635-983A-F08F6CADCF1A

And to really perfect the look they have a fini matte setting spray so your makeup doesn’t decide to smudge mid day or somehow disappear. And it works because by the end of the day Julie’s makeup was still in place… and trust us, at the Tosser office you need something to withstand temperature vibrations.


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