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Asha on Just Us Gals

asha-isabella_just-us-gals-bostonOur editor-in-chief Asha Isabella is on the Just Us Gals (JUGS) blog this week! We’re obsessed with their blog and were excited to hear about the feature. Check their blog out, we know you’ll love it. Asha chats about the future of Tosser – her goals and everything that goes into creating the mag. She also chats about some fashion pet peeves, why she thinks Boston is considered one of the worst dressed cities, and some advice for anyone diving into the world of entrepreneurship. Check it out!



Gearing Up for Summer

The Tosser summer team is getting everything in gear for a very exciting Tosser summer in Boston. We’ve got events to plan, Tossers to discover and a massive September issue to plan for a few major bookstore giants! Really exciting things in store. Say hello to the team.

Tosser-Magazine-Staff-MarinaMarina working hard and checking out monkeys.

Karen-Tosser-Magazine-StaffWe love that culture editor Karen has mini horses on her top. #printeddetails

Madeline-Tosser-Magazine-StaffMeet one of Brown’s finest – Madeline, coordinating some awesome giveaways for you all!

Madeline_Asha-Isabella_Tosser-Magazine-StaffPink lips and spiked wrists on our editor in chief Asha Isabella. And there’s nothing wrong with subtle pink and blue highlights!

Lareina-Tosser-Magazine-StaffLareina has the best eye for spotting hot new brands to bring into the Tosser family.

Lisha-Tosser-Magazine-StaffLisha is busy booking models for a few features on the .com next week.

Branda-Tosser-Magazine-StaffBranda is busy booking some awesome upcoming radio spots for the Tosser summer team! Peep her turquoise stud – minimal ear accessories are all the rave this summer… leave the bulk with spring.

Coming soon….

Marina-Madeline-Tosser-staff-styleMarina and Madeline take a break by the grungiest thing they could find to chat about their favorite pieces this summer and where to get them. Post coming soon!

Aside with Asha

Snapshot of our editor-in-chief Asha wearing all Asha Isabella US at the Clarks event at Concepts in Cambridge this past weekend. More photos coming to soon! But all of the new Clarks shoes are awesome and a little birdy told us they’re not too far away from developing a women’s line! Don’t worry, we’ll get the scoop.


With Tosser friends Michael Louis and Desiree.