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She Wants the D: Ke$ha and Her Penis Jewelry


It’s no shocker that Ke$ha is a wild child. However, when hearing about her newest jewelry line KeshaRose by Charles Albert I’m sure the skepticism was at its peak. Ke$ha has certainly stacked her collection with tons of random knick-knacks, including penises.

I’m not sure if I would be able to pull off a golden penis around my neck, but maybe other Tossers can!

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Cheers For Neon

The fluorescent neons of the 80s were blinding and sightly painful to the naked eye. However, the neon is back and revolutionized into our wardrobes as ACCENTS. Neon accessories are a perfect way to bring the bright and the bold to daily fashion.

Neons can be matched along with neutrals, jewel tones and even last season’s pastels. Ballet flats have also been debuted with a soft tan and accent of hot pink or bright yellow.¬†Although bolder may be better, in this case, less is certainly more. Neons are powerful colors and can be overbearing so take in small doses.


The Man Bag

So let’s be honest here, some men may not be the most fashionable of people and certainly need help in this department. Many guys are looking for one thing (if at all) in an accessory: function. Bags provide both function and aesthetic appeal. Contrary to myth, bags aren’t just for the ladies, they’re for men too. The man purse may be questionable to some, but this accessory is essential for the man on the go.

These bags are great additions to any man’s outfit and are completely functional for business or daily errands.