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Tosser Summer Mix Tape: Pauline

21113_2001721847110_1655838888_n“There’s really no rhyme or reason to this mix. I have a wide variety of interests as well as music that varies on a day to day basis. Enjoy :)” -Pauline


Cheers For Neon

The fluorescent neons of the 80s were blinding and sightly painful to the naked eye. However, the neon is back and revolutionized into our wardrobes as ACCENTS. Neon accessories are a perfect way to bring the bright and the bold to daily fashion.

Neons can be matched along with neutrals, jewel tones and even last season’s pastels. Ballet flats have also been debuted with a soft tan and accent of hot pink or bright yellow. Although bolder may be better, in this case, less is certainly more. Neons are powerful colors and can be overbearing so take in small doses.


9 Headpieces to Try Before the End of Summer

With the summer heat on full blast (but honestly, this New England weather is cray), our beloved hair can be our worst enemy. Thankfully, with a new summer comes new trends and the headpiece is in! Headpieces are a perfect way to keep your hair up and out of your face in the summer sun.

Quinnipiac Student, Sarah Harris, looking fabulous in her very own DIY flower headpiece.

The headpiece has been recycled, like many different trends, from the 70s. The 70s inspired look has brought back bell bottoms and a more hippie and bohemian vibe for the summer. The flower garland headpiece is especially popular now during festival season.

The headpiece is great for looking polished even though you may have just rolled out of bed or plan to venture to the beach; they have flowers, beads, pearls and even rhinestones making each accessory unique in its own style that can be super extravagant or very simple. The 2013 Bridal Fashion Week was all over statement headpieces on the runway and it wasn’t long until other designers followed. Alexander McQueen’s headpieces were seen on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. The honeycomb, as McQueen’s headpiece was called, intricately used textural details to set one apart from the next.

Regardless of the season or decade, when wearing a headpiece, the key is to OWN it. Be fashion forward and try something new. Try a more subtle, crochet headpiece to do some day shopping and a jewel or stone-encrusted headpiece for a night on the town. For the crafty ones out there, try a DIY flower garland headpiece.

Check out some of these headpieces:

Maxed Out

Talk about taking fashion to new lengths; maxi skirts add effortless sophistication and more importantly ultimate comfort. Maxi skirts can work for all shapes and sizes with the right styling and accessories. Check out Erica and Lisha in their maxed out looks.

Erica in her maxi skirt

Erica is wearing a black maxi skirt by Brandi Melville and top from Urban Outfitters.

Lisha in her maxi skirt

Lisha is wearing a skirt from ZARA, shoes from Urban and a bracelet from Fossil.

If maxi skirts aren’t for you, show some ankle with a midi skirt.

Cropped Up

Cropped tops are HUGE this summer. Show off some midriff in the summer sun and pair with high waisted shorts for a 90s feel. Even designers often pair a cropped top with a high waisted skirt for a ladylike ensemble.

Cropped Up: Karen

Karen is wearing a black top and floral skirt from Brandy Melville and a studded bracelet from

“I was just going for a cute and put together but not too fancy casual look,” says Karen when asked about her look. It’s safe to say that she pulled it off successfully!

Pauline is wearing a black turtle neck crop top and heart-shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, black and grey cheetah print shorts from Pac Sun and black braided sandals from Bakers.

Pauline is wearing a black turtle neck crop top and heart-shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, black and grey cheetah print shorts from Pac Sun and black braided sandals from Bakers.


DIY: Studded Phone Case

You can tell a lot about a person based on his or her phone case; our clothing, accessories and lifestyles are all a few factors that make statements about who we are. Since we now live in a world so reliant on technology, our cell phones are practically glued to our hands. If a phone will be on you at all times, you might as well make it aesthetically pleasing, right? Here are some simple steps to making a personalized (and in this case studded) phone case.

The materials needed are: a plain phone case, studs, a sticker (or anything else you would like to add), a hot glue gun, a paintbrush and Modge Podge.


1. Decide how the layout and design of your soon-to-be phone case. In this particular tutorial, a logo with a studded border.

2. Cut the sticker to fit the phone case properly, then adhere it in whatever placement you desire.

3.  Use a paintbrush to apply a few thin coats of Modge Podge to keep the sticker in tact.

4. Hot glue the studs around the border of the sticker.

5. Sometimes directions seem pointless, but if followed correctly you’ll have your brand new studded phone case!